Island Bean Company Fundraising Program

Supporting Our Community Through Local Fundraising


Are you part of a local organization, school, or business that needs to raise funds to benefit your members, participants, or charity?

Are you tired of traditional, time consuming, and low profit fundraising?

Island Bean Company is pleased to offer a streamlined fundraising program that puts YOU in charge, offers a local product that people actually want to buy, and gives you 40% profits!

Here’s the basics:

  • Island Bean Company gift certificates (for the amount you choose) are presold to you at a 40% discount
  • Your participants sell the gift certificates at full face value
  • You keep the 40% profits to benefit your organization
  • You may return unsold certificates for a refund (no risk)
  • People are more likely, and happier, to buy certificates than buying the traditional hoagies, wrapping paper, etc. They can use them at their convenience and for their choice of products
  • You save TIME because the certificates are sold on the spot. No filling out order forms, waiting for delivery, and going back to deliver to the buyers!

Contact Us for more information on our Simplified Fundraising Program!

Keeping it local and growing our community!