Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did you build this building?

A: Yes, it was a BIG project for a little building! See the slideshow above.

Q: Do you have a bathroom in there?

A: Our building is so small that everyone wonders about our “comfort”. The answer, YES, we do have a bathroom! In fact, the bathroom is almost one third of our building as a result of building codes that require all new construction to meet ADA requirements.

Q: Why can’t you make your Granitas fat free and sugar free?

A: For those of you who don’t know what a granita is, it is our frozen espresso based drink and it is a delight! At Island Bean Co. we make our granitas homemade using only fresh ingredients while some others use mixes and powders. We have our secret recipe which contains real espresso, sugar, and milk (no powders or additives) which is why it is so tasty!

Q: Are you planning on opening other locations?

A: Yes, we do plan to expand!

Q: Why should I sign up for your Rewards Card?

A: Customers with our Rewards Card receive coupons and notifications that are not offered to the general public and earn points towards discounts with every purchase!

Q: How’s business?

A: Business is good, we have been open since 2006 and in that time we have gained many loyal customers and we look forward to seeing them everyday!

Q: How can I, as a customer, help your business?

A: You, as a customer can do two simple things: (1) Continue to be our customer and (2) Tell your friends, family, and associates what you love about Island Bean Company!

Q: Why is it important to buy “local”?

A: When you support a locally owned and operated business you are helping your local community. You are not just supporting the owners of the company but also helping to create jobs as well as keeping up the local economy. When you spend your money in your community, it stays in your community! Check out our link to the 3/50 Project, it makes a lot of sense!