Dorie and Paul

Dorie and Paul

Here we are! Dorie and Paul, the owners of Island Bean Company!

To our current customers:

Thank You for your business and for visiting our website!

To our future customers:

Welcome! We look forward to serving you!

A little tid-bit about us:

After years of working for others we decided to give the “American Dream” a try! After two years of researching, planning, and begging banks for financing we opened Island Bean Company in 2006! It’s been an adventure to say the least! A lot of mistakes and a lot of learning have brought us to where we are now.

Where are we NOW? We are the owners of the BEST ever COFFEE SHOP with the BEST ever STAFF and TRULY the BEST ever CUSTOMERS!

When we manage to get some time off, traveling is the first thing on our mind. We LOVE visiting islands (hence “Island Bean Company”). Finding “out of the way” islands that haven’t been over developed is our goal. A little more rustic than the fancy resorts but nothing beats having an entire, beautiful beach all to yourself! We enjoy exploring the islands and getting to know the locals. This brings us to where we hope to be.

Where do we hope to be? We hope to, someday, retire and move to the islands!

I say retire, but that’s not really the case. We can’t sit still for too long so truly retiring probably won’t happen. Our dream for retirement is to own a small hotel in the islands. Our experiences in owning and running Island Bean Company will serve us well in our future endeavor of owning a small hotel.

Here’s where you, our customers, can help in our plan! What can you do?

Well, like everyone else, in order to succeed in our dreams we need the financial means to do so. So please BUY STUFF FROM US! Thanks!

Please enjoy some pictures of our favorite places and possible locations for our future!